4 Join

Note: It is preferred that you use Page '3 Subscribe' to subscribe yourself.  
((To use this method, Rosalie has to first send you an invitation.  So the 'subscribe' method is better, because it makes less additional work for her.))
This is a private group, so you can join ONLY if you get an invitation from the Group Owner (Rosalie).

After you receive your invitation, you should be able to join by doing just TWO STEPS, as shown below.

Step 1 -  Email Invitation
  • You should receive the invitation in your email, similar to the below message. 
  • Click the 'Join This Group' button.  
  • It should open a browser window.

Step 2 -  Browser Window
  • A browser window similar to the below 'screen capture' should open.
  • Click the "join the mailing list instead" link as shown below (red arrow).
  • ((Note: You don't want to click the "Join the group" link, because then Yahoo will start you through the steps of creating a Yahoo ID -- which is a lot more WORK.  (You can use this link, if you already HAVE a Yahoo ID.))

Observe Confirmation
  • The web page should give you a Confirmation Message similar to the below 'screen capture'.
  • You'll also get a confirmation message in your email.

Reference: How Rosalie creates an invitation